Current LifeSpark Providers

These are resources for our active Reiki and Healing Touch Providers.
Welcome to this section filled with documents and information to make your job easier. You are the heart and soul of this program and YOU are making a difference!

Professional Development
We encourage providers in this program to continue your development as an energy therapist. Below are ways to accomplish this:

  • Continue your learning. This includes furthering your training in Reiki or Healing Touch, taking classes in related areas, and continuing to read in the area of energy therapies.
  • Receive healing work. Find a trading partner, pay for the services of a healer, or attend one of the many exchanges and practice groups available.
  • Use your skills. Find every opportunity to use Reiki and Healing Touch.
  • Attend monthly Growth and Connections support group for LifeSpark Providers even if you are not currently matched.
  • Retake the Providers Seminar. It is free for repeaters and is required every three years. It will refresh your knowledge and skills.


Session Documents/Links

Appointment Plus scheduling calendar

Online Scheduling: How To

Session Guidelines

Documentation Guidelines

Documentation – New form

Documentation ideas

Intake Assessment

Elements Massage Documents

1st Session Guidelines

Elements Locations

Map of LifeSpark Locations

Participant Survey

In-Home Session Documents

Agreement for Providers working in homes

LifeSpark Incident Report

LifeSpark Incident Report – directions

Provider Documents

Provider Agreement

Code of Conduct




LifeSpark Locations

Map of LifeSpark Locations

G&C Support Group



Discount Services Directory

Co-Customer Protection Act

Disclosure form






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