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Loving Support for Those Experiencing Chronic Illness – Part 2

Feeling chronically, relentlessly unwell day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-year can bring up a host of fears that trigger the deepest most primal and beautiful innocence from our inner child. It can bring…

Loving Support for Those Experiencing Chronic Illness – Part 1

Chronic illness can feel like such a solo, arduous journey. From the moment you wake up, to the moment you have relief in sleep, for months, for years…it can feel…

Cancer Survivors Day is Sunday, June 4th. Relax, Reflect, and Give Back

We are so grateful that LifeSpark has been there for nearly 1,000 people with cancer. It is estimated that nearly 25,000 people will be diagnosed in Colorado this year. LifeSpark’s…

A tumor named “Dave”

Laura Curnow’s story
By Angela Jackson

Packing paper. Moving boxes. Getting the kids enrolled in a new school. Figuring out how to navigate your new job. There are many things to…

Diamonds and Denim

March 2, 2017 at the Stampede

We had an incredibly fun event at the Stampede. Thank you to everyone who attended. You helped us raise funds to support individuals with cancer.

Are you part of our tribe?

By Sandy Priester, Executive Director of LifeSpark

Do you have a sense of belonging and purpose? Many people are looking for this.

Are you part of our “tribe”?

Here is a quick test…

In Blessed Service: LifeSpark

By Blair Chandler, LifeSpark Provider

I walk into the Boulder Elements Spa location (a partner with LifeSpark) and wait for my client. She arrives with a smile and I lead her…

“Cancer touched my boob, so I kicked its ass!”

The Kathy Trujillo Story

By Angela Jackson

Kathy Trujillo had just been promoted at her job at an insurance company. As a single mom of an 18-year-old girl, she stayed active to…

Why does LifeSpark Need Funding?

LifeSpark is a non-profit organization that provides Reiki and Healing Touch wellness therapies that transform the experience of dealing with cancer for patients along Colorado’s Front Range. These services come…

LifeSpark reaches major milestone in 2016

Last week, LifeSpark reached a major milestone. We have surpassed 200 participants per year, nearly double the 126 people we served in…

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