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Interview with George Karl, former Denver Nuggets Coach

George Karl, former coach of the Denver Nuggets, current coach of the Sacramento Kings, and one of the most successful coaches in NBA history was recently interviewed by LifeSpark. He talks about his cancer journey, and his belief in complementary therapies such as Reiki. View the inspiring video here.

A spirit of openness

By Amelia Dress Liz had never heard of Reiki before her cancer diagnosis.  It was her mom who found the information tucked in a folder of papers.  Deciding anything was worth a try, Liz scheduled her first appointment and met Heather, the practitioner who has become an instrumental part of her healing process. “When I…

Why LifeSpark

By Dan Fair While continuing to recover from a recent cancer diagnosis and treatment plan, I found myself wanting to identify with a cancer-related organization in the greater Denver community. There are many options to choose from including local chapters of the national societies, health and wellness organizations, prevention, cure, etc. But what I was…